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Welcome to BOREDart! One of the many sources on Livejournal for graphics, icons, and layouts. Join here and always credit.

-lush_brunette is the maintainer and ONLY maker there is. Don't ask.

-Please comment before taking ANYTHING. It's just rude otherwise.

-PLEASE credit. Either lush_brunette @ boredart or boredart. (Bases, do not need credit.)

-Do NOT claim any work as your own.

-Hotlinking is fine. My photobucket is paid.

-Constructive critisism is appreciated and needed.

-please do not bash celebrities, work, or other members.


-tell all your friends!

.guidelines for requests.

-If you have a specific look in mind please be just that, specific . Otherwise you are giving me carte blanche.

-provide your own pictures, please. I do have quite a large library of Good Charlotte/ Benji Madden, but if you don't have a certain picture(s) in mind, you kinda don't have a request. Clear pictures are preferable, they look a hell of a lot better.

-no animation (I don't have any kind of animation program. I also think they look bad/are annoying)

-I will do layouts (even code them), but I can't have everyone and their mom asking for one. They're time consuming. So I will post when I'm availabe for layouts and how many I will do.

-please only use my work on livejournal. (my icons are always available on my message board)

-ALWAYS make sure to credit. For headers/banners credit in your user info (a simple "made by boredart" is fine.) For icons, credit in the comments or keywords (find out how here)

-please fill out the following form when requesting

What is it?(icon, header):

Who's on it?:

text? (if applicable):

colors?(if applicable, leave blank if you have no preference. Specify if there are any colors you are opposed to):

pictures?(you can link me to a site with many pictures or show me the exact pic):

size specs? (if applicable):


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